Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Registration Tip

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the registration evening yesterday. We helped sort quite a few issues for people.

For anyone who has not yet registered please note the Cycling Ireland system is not as user friendly as it should be.  In particular a number of members are registering with Cycling Ireland but are not registering with the club. This seems to be because it is not clear how to select the Club you want to register with. Specifically you have two types of field/box on the form.

1. When you see a white box this can be typed directly into.  Name, Address, etc use this form of box
2. When you see a grey box with a magnifying class beside it this cannot be typed directly into.  You MUST click on the Magnifying glass icon.  This will pull up a list of possible entries.  County, Club etc use this form of the box.
When filling out the form you must enter the club on the registration page. If you don't you can't go back and correct that later so please be careful as you fill this in.

Thanks to everyone who has registered already.  For those who have not please complete your registration ASAP.  For insurance purposes you must be a member of both Cycling Ireland and the Club to join us on our club spins.

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