Saturday, 10 January 2015

SUFFERFEST turbo sessions - The Hunted

Thursday 15th . 8pm - 9:15pm in Duhill community centre

The Hunted:
6:30 warm-up: Gradually up the pace over the intro, featuring footage from a group ride in California, and some pack riding in the Tour de Suisse.
:30 attack: A violent effort to get away from the complacent peloton.
5:00 solo-breakaway tempo riding: You'll ride at effort level 7/10 with Marco Pinotti as he plows through the TT course of the Tour of Romandie.
20:00 climb: Caught by the group, you'll start a long, difficult climb and try to stay with Robert Gesink over the top.
4:00 downhill: This isn't a time to rest…especially when you're solo trying to hold off the chasers! You'll take the resistance off but you'll ramp that cadence up to 115+ to train some fast pedaling technique.
5:00 small group: Caught by three other riders, you'll swap off the front in a small breakaway as you hurtle toward the finish line, while the pack looms behind.
5:00 inverse intervals: As you're the sort who goes for the big glory, you'll attempt to attack (again and again) and shed your breakaway companions. This is probably the most awful 5:00 you'll ever ride.
?: It wouldn't be the 'fest if there wasn't a small (small) sting in the tail now, would it?
4:00 warm-down

1 turbo currently available.

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