Thursday, 5 February 2015

New Gear Order

To all Members,
As you know we recently held a gear fitting night and had a big order for gear from members that evening.  We now have over 20 orders for jerseys, bib shorts & mitts and smaller orders for other gear.  As the minimum order is 10 it is quite likely that we will not be ordering again this year as most people who need new gear are included in this order and it may be a while before we have 10 people looking for gear.

Since then the committee have been working with sponsors to confirm who will be the sponsors on the gear for the next two years.   The committee had hoped that the changes would be minimized so that people would not be under pressure to buy new gear but there has been some turnover in sponsors. 

Most of the changes are small (one sponsor replacing another in the same spot). However there will potentially be one major addition on the back of the jerseys/jackets. This will make the new gear look different from behind.

If you have not yet ordered gear but would be interested in getting a new jersey now that the design is changing please let Bernard (086 2467527) know ASAP. You need to tell him what you want and what your size is as the order for gear will be placed as soon as the new sponsors are happy with the design.

The most popular items are:
Short Sleved Jerseys €65
Bib Shorts. €75
Hand Mitts €25
Long Sleved "Roubaix" Jersey €75.

Other items that are available include:
Winter Jersey
Rain Cape
Winter Bib Leggings
Winter Gloves
Shoe Covers
Arm Warmers.

For most people on Sunday Spins or Sportives there is no compulsion to order official club gear (with over 20 already on order it is likely the majority at events will have the new gear anyway). If you are in this category and are happy with the gear you have you don't need to change. But if you plan to compete for the club you will need the new gear.

Once again if you would like the latest version of the gear let Bernard (086 2467527) know ASAP.

An updated design will be posted on here in the next couple of days.

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