Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Sufferfest turbo sessions - Fight Club

Thursday 26th Feb.
 Duhill community centre at 8pm

Fight Club was designed to build power over longer durations, while increasing leg-speed through 23 (!) unannounced 'attacks' that will challenge you to accelerate and then recover while still making a massive effort. Here's what you'll get over the roughly 60 minutes:
5:00 warm-up
Five 'laps' of circuit racing, featuring footage from the UCI World Championship Time Trial and Road Race:
Lap 1:
6:00 of tempo riding, with a few attacks to break up the field
1:00 recovery
Laps 2-5:
4:00 time trial effort (with more attacks!)
2:30 climbing (with even more surprise attacks!)
3:00 recovery (no attacks – we're cruel, but not that cruel)
5:00 minute warm-down

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