Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Update from Vee Valley Challenge 2015

Thanks to all those who came out on Sunday to take part in the 2015 Vee Valley Challenge. The weather was truly awful with high winds and heavy rain but we still had almost 90 brave cyclists. Less than we had hoped for but far more than we feared when we saw the weather that morning.

Sincere thanks go to everyone who helped out on the day. An event like the Vee Valley Challenge takes a lot of organisation and support including registration, lead cars, escort bikes, on-the-roa...d service vans & ambulance, manning junctions and food stops, taking photos, etc, etc. Thanks also to Eileen Condon and her team who provided excellent catering services at the finish and to the committees of the halls in Clogheen and Cappaquin. Finally thanks to our club sponsors for financial support throughout the year and those who provided goods and services on the day (e.g. Martin's Frut & Veg for bananas). 

Because of the efforts of everyone who took part the event was a great success. The only hiccup we heard about was at one junction at "Millionaires House" which we didn't have manned because it was a very safe left turn and we had plenty of signs and road markings there. Unfortunately it seems the high winds blew away the signs and some cyclists ended up in Mitchelstown. Apologies for that.

We are still totaling the money raised but all profits will go to the Sean Fogarty Rehabilitation fund.

To see lots of photos from the event please visit https://www.facebook.com/southtipp.cyclingclub

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