Wednesday, 6 May 2015

50k to 100k

Would any of the "50k" group be interested in a longer spin some Sunday. For example this month we are starting in Ardfinnan. So if we did Ardfinnan-Clogheen-Vee-Lismore-Dungarvan-Clonmel-Ardfinnan that would be around 100K. We could start earlier than 9am if people wanted to be home early and have a leisurely stop for "breakfast" at a cafe in Dungarvan. We could also stop in Lismore and Ballymac for the group to come together if it gets split up. That comes out at around 100K with Dungarvan pretty much half way.

That's just an example of a route but I'm sure there are others we could come up with that would give us a natural stop somewhere for breakfast after ~50k. The Colaiste Sportive was 85k so this isn't a huge step up from that.

Anyone interested?  If so comment here or on our facebook page.


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