Tuesday, 18 August 2015

50k Leisure Updates

Last Sunday the 50k "leisure" group decided not to hold a formal club spin next Sunday 23rd August as most of the group will be doing the Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford. There was only one person in the group not doing the Tour.

If anyone who was not out last Sunday still wants to do a spin next Sunday please contact us ASAP.

Also we have set up a WhatsApp group for the Leisure group.  If you want to join this group and get regular updates about our cycles you need to:
1. Install WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android Phone.  You will find the app on the Apple "App Store" or Google "Play Store". It is free.
2. Open the app to activate it on your phone.  Hit OK when it asks to access your contacts. If you install it but haven't activated it you won't be seen when we come to add you to the group.
3. E-mail colm_flynn@hotmail.com with your name and mobile number and ask to be added to the group.

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